March 22, 2007
Woo hoo! I received my Apple TV today... I ordered directly after the keynote announcement. In a nice coincidence, it was delivered by FedEx a day earlier than estimated and on my birthday! =)
Setup was very easy and everything worked out of the box. Connected via Component cables and digital optical into my A/V receiver.
During the last week I converted several movies and tv shows using the Apple TV export option in the latest release of QuickTime. My initial impressions are very, very good. The Apple TV plays the converted movies and shows - some of which were not the best quality available - in a much more pleasing manner than my Yamaha Divx player. Clearly, there’s some cool stuff going on inside there that improves the presentation quality relative to other methods I have available.
There is a lag when scanning during playback of video over my wireless g network which gets good signal strength through multiple walls. The lag was very short. The Apple TV was also syncing at the same time so the lag for streaming may be shorter once the sync is complete.
Music sounds great and is very easy to use. Have not tried the photos, podcasts or other features yet but I’m expecting the results to be equally pleasing.
Photos of the out-of-box experience follow below. Some of the TV images are kind of blurry... sorry about that! Best I could get at the time. The image quality in person is outstanding!
Me and My Apple TV
Apple TV Box - Front of Outer Sleve
Apple TV Box - Rear of Outer Sleeve
Apple TV Box - Product Box Inside Sleeve
Apple TV and Remote First Look
Apple TV - All Included Materials
Apple TV Installed
It’s Very, Very Small
Apple TV Intro Screen
Select Language
Apple TV
Resolution Selection
Apple TV
Wireless Network Config
Apple TV Wireless Password Entry
Initial Screen with Apple Logo after Setup
There is a cool Welcome Animation that Plays
Number Used to Connect Apple TV to iTunes
Once Entered, You Name Your Apple TV
Registration is Completed in iTunes with AppleID
Once Connected an Ad for iTunes Store Appears
Syncing is Automatic but can be Adjusted
Movies are Streamable even During Sync
Photos are Not Streamable as Reported
Various Settings includes Software Update
My Apple TV is Up to Date!
Nick Drake Documentary Playing in 720p
Metalocalypse Episode Playing in 720p
Music is Streamable
Interface is very Smooth
Album Cover and Info Moves Around