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About Vital Net Ventures
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About Vital Net Ventures Corporation

We produce functional, informative and well-designed web sites.


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It's what we do.

Vital Net Ventures is an Internet consulting and development company dedicated to producing functional, informative and well designed web sites. We help businesses develop and maintain their online presence. We develop and implement strategies for transforming businesses from the traditional brick-and-mortar model to the evolving electronic model. We also develop online businesses from scratch.

We provide a comprehensive range of web development services, which support our goal of constructing and maintaining functional, informative and well-designed web sites. Our broad scope of services includes web site design, value-added web site hosting and electronic commerce solutions, web site maintenance, domain name services, and managed online advertising.

Why we're successful.

We are goal-oriented.
We always keep our client's goals at the center of our focus. We take the time to listen to our client’s needs, develop a plan to achieve our client's goals and execute the plan with minimal work on the part of the client. Our services are cost effective and produce measurable results.

We're results-driven.
We are results-oriented and create web sites that are profitable for our clients. Our attitude leads to long-term, successful relationships with clients rather than short-term "quicky" web site projects that do not produce results.

We're experts.
Our high level of technical expertise allows us to produce web sites that are easy to navigate, inform the visitor in a clear and concise manner and elicit the desired response from site visitors.

We're fast.
We work quickly to produce sites, update sites and solve problems.

We don't take the "cookie cutter" approach.
We deliver a first class product that is fully customized to achieve your goals.

We're knowledgeable.
We are constantly evaluating Internet technologies and trends to be able to provide our clients with expert assistance in presenting and promoting their web sites.

We really care.
Our clients deal with company principals who care and share your vision.

We're experienced.
We are familiar with the needs of a broad range of industries: Advertising, Automotive, Classifieds, Engineering, Health and Medical, Home Furnishings, Hospitality, Online Communities, Recreation, Travel and Vacation.

How we got started.

Vital Net Ventures Corporation has been providing Internet consulting services since 1995. Our initial design experience was with America Online and Digital City converting portions of their media for use on the Internet (although since that was such a long time ago in Internet years none of our work is still being used). In 1997, we changed our focus from a supporting role for the "big boys" to designing quality commercial web sites for private clients.

We have continually strengthened our skills and level of service. Constant improvement has helped us grow and transform into a vital web development firm.

Special thanks to Rob and Tina for their support in helping us flourish, and their continued confidence in our abilities.
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