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Adult Content Policy

Hubba-hubba! So you want to build an "adult material" site? Do it on another company's servers.


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Because the Internet is a global communication tool, it is difficult to dictate what is considered "adult material." However, it is not our function to discriminate against those who choose to utilize adult content or adult related material. This being said, there are still several reasons why Vital Net Ventures has been forced to create its no adult sites policy for its server users.

What is Adult Material?

  1. Any site whose revenue is gained in part or whole from its adult materials.
  2. Photos or videos showing frontal nudity on either men or women for nonscientific or non-artistic purposes.
  3. Revenue-generating hyperlinks to sites who violate policy #1.

    Vital Net Ventures reserves the right to decide what it considers "adult materials". Let us know if you are unsure of the approval of your site before placing an order.

Why do we have this policy?

Bandwidth and Resources
We strive to keep our servers fast and inexpensive, and our bandwidth clear; therefore, adult sites are not an option.

Also, our research has proved that most businesses do not wish to host their site with a company who also hosts adult material sites. We wish to project a professional image, and it is difficult to do so if we host these types of sites. We believe that to have your site affiliated with, or on the same servers as, adult materials could lead potential prospects away from your business. As a result, we will not host adult materials because it may endanger the majority of our clients.

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