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Maintain your site with vitalCart™!

vitalCart™ - the SUV of shopping cart software - brings versatile and affordable electronic commerce to your business.


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vitalCart - versatile and affordable electronic commerceWant to do business on the Internet? Our vitalCart™ software is the SUV of electronic commerce software.


Almost everyone that has surfed the Internet has come across the online shopping cart. It has become the standard way of selling products online. With a shopping cart system, the visitor is able to browse the site, adding items to a virtual shopping cart. Once the visitor has completed their browsing, they may review their order to change quantities, remove items and provide shipping and billing information securely. It is also possible to process the customer's payment online and produce an invoice.

vitalCart™ is our industrial strength electronic commerce shopping cart solution. It supports all of the shopping cart features online shoppers and online entrepreneurs have come to expect, including adding and removing items, display of the number of items currently in the cart on every page of the site, secure checkout, computation of shipping and sales tax charges, multiple currencies, real time online payment processing via credit card and more!

Examples of vitalCart™ in action can be seen at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Caribbean, forNewborns.com, Smart Oil Change and Farrey's Lighting and Bath.


Our vitalCart™ software is custom implemented for each site we design and is not available for separate purchase for use on other servers. The cost of implementing either vitalCart™ system is largely dependent on the number of items to be sold on the site. There is an initial setup cost, but the largest part of the total cost of implementation is associated with creating product pages. Pricing is based on the specific types of products being offered, the complexity of the products being offered (from a number of options standpoint) and how much customization of the software is desired.

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