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Maintain your site with vitalMax™!

vitalMax™ - the powerful web site content manager - can substantially reduce your site maintenance costs!


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vitalMax - Want to keep your site content fresh while keeping costs down? Our vitalMax™ web site content manager enables you to maintain your own content, reducing site maintenance costs.

Standard Applications.

Our vitalMax™ web site content manager runs on our web servers and is accessed through your web browser in a password protected area of your site to allow you to make your own point-and-click updates and review statistical information about your site. Our vitalMax™ software is included with all of our web site hosting packages.

Standard vitalMax™ software features used on the majority of our sites include:

Site Statistics
See how many people are visiting your site and how they found you. The Quick Stats page loads when you first enter the password protected vitalMax™ software administration area and gives you a summary of the number of E-mail subscribers, searches performed on your site, forms submitted and other useful information.

Site Search
Your visitors will be able to easily find what they are looking for on your site with a site-specific search engine. Searches performed at your site are logged so you can see what visitors are looking for.

E-mail Subscription and Broadcasting
Your visitors can subscribe to your E-mail list to be informed of updates to your site, special offers or other promotional information. The implementation is an opt-in process that requires the visitor to "subscribe" to your list so that you are not "spamming" Internet users. You can send E-mail broadcasts to your subscribers at any time. Visitors may unsubscribe using a link provided at the bottom of each outgoing E-mail broadcast, reducing list maintenance.

Site News
You can keep your visitors informed of site updates and special offers on a news page. The news articles are managed through a web browser. Links to the news articles may be placed anywhere on your site.

If your site includes forms that visitors can submit to send you information (most sites have at least a Contact Form) the form submissions are sent to you via E-mail and logged. If you lose the E-mail, you can recover the information from the logs. Also, all forms include a "Subscribe to E-mail List" checkbox that integrates with our E-mail Subscription software to encourage subscriptions.

Custom Applications.

The standard set of vitalMax™ web site content manager features already exceeds the features of most web sites. During the course of developing your site, we may suggest Custom Applications that will serve to achieve a particular goal for the site. Administration of custom applications is done through the vitalMax™ administration area. Custom applications we can provide include:

Dynamic Database Filtering
We can implement Dynamic Database Filtering (such as Find a Product...) that allow site visitors to quickly narrow down and find information on your site.

Electronic Commerce Systems
We can implement our vitalCart™ software on your site to sell products using the traditional shopping cart methods. There is also a Quote Shop option that works like a shopping cart but does not display prices on the web site. Instead, the customer is sent a "quote" via E-mail and can then finalize their order securely online. It is a Quote Cart. The process of sending out the quotes can be fully automated (taking prices out of a product database) or handled manually. This is useful in cases that do not allow publishing price online or where an estimate must be given after your review of the visitor's request.

Electronic Bulletin Boards
An electronic bulletin board is a message center that usually serves a specific interest group. Visitors access the bulletin board through a web browser and can read and post messages to relate to others who frequent the specific board. A variation on the Electronic Bulletin Board is the Guestbook. In a Guestbook, visitors are able to post their comments or other messages. The most recent comments are displayed at the top. These applications are useful in cases where the site has a goal of creating on online community. An example of Electronic Bulletin Board software can be seen on our Quotable Heinlein site.

Chat Room
A chat room is a virtual room where people can communicate in real time while on the Internet. Visitors can type their messages and the text will appear on the monitor, along with the text of the other chat room visitors. This application is most useful in situations where online customer support is required or where a goal of the site is to create an online community. There is a chat room on our Quotable Heinlein site.

Online Classified Ads
Pay and free versions of online classified ad systems can be implemented on your site to offer visitors a way of posting advertisements to which other visitors may respond at their convenience. itsnewtoyou.com is a free online classifieds site we implemented.

Random Images and Quotes
Random images or quotes can be added to make the site more dynamic. The images or quotes are randomly pulled from a database and displayed each time a page is loaded or refreshed. Our Quotable Heinlein site was named "Quotable" because the first feature of the site was random quotes from the author's work. Our Highland Group and Rapids Water Park sites also make good use of random quotes.

Online Databases (with or without photo uploading)
Fully operational databases can be implemented online for a variety of purposes, such as sharing information between coworkers or providing a searchable set of information for the site visitor. For example, our volvopalmbeach.com and universityvolvo.com web sites both include databases for their preowned automobiles areas. The information in the preowned automobile databases is updated via web browser by dealership personnel, including uploading photos of the cars.

Other Applications
We can do almost anything with data online. We can build web portals, personal ad sites, ratings systems, online surveys, web polls, greeting card systems, software download areas, web-based E-mail and more.


Fees for implementing the Standard Applications are included in the web site design costs. In fact, all of our sites use some mix of the Standard Applications. Custom Applications are priced based on the specific application and how much customization of the software is desired.

Contact us today for a free estimate!

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