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We design for results.

HTML, CGI, electronic commerce... we take care of the gobbledygook, you take care of your visitors!


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Web Sites Designed for ResultsWe produce web sites to achieve the goals you set. Our design goal is to construct sites that load quickly, are pleasing to the eye, present information clearly and are easy to navigate. Additionally, we integrate advanced dynamic content into our sites to enrich the presentation for the visitor through server-side applications, Macromedia Flash and Apple QuickTime.

Scope of Services.

We offer a broad range of services to accomplish your goals:

  • Design - Graphic design, Corporate Identity, animation, HTML formatting and design, Interface design, site redesign and more.
  • Rich Media DesignFlash animation with streaming web audio and video, Shockwave and more.
  • Electronic Commerce - We implement custom electronic commerce solutions with our vitalCart™ software for traditional and Internet-based businesses, including electronic catalogs, shopping carts, quote carts, order processing, online payment processing, and secure server transactions.
  • Custom Programming - We create custom applications that may be managed through our vitalMax™ software, including: Perl/CGI, XML, SQL, PHP, Unix, Java, JavaScript and other languages. Custom Applications can be integrated with your site, including: Site Search, E-mail Subscription Databases, Site News, Find a Product databases, Random Quotes, Random Images, Banner Advertisements, Bulletin Boards, Custom Forms, Classified Advertisements, Web Portals and more.
  • Interactivity - We develop our sites to include the interactivity visitors demand from web sites. Custom elements provide interactivity and visual appeal to the site, at first to attract visitors and later to encourage them to bookmark the site for a return visit.
  • Database Integration - We develop solutions for delivering database information to web site visitors and manage the data via web browser.
  • Content Development - Copy writing and scripting, Content Creation and Management and Business Transformation Management.


Each web site we produce is a completely customized solution designed to achieve your goals and is priced per project. Generally, our pricing is very reasonable for the industry. We do not produce "cookie-cutter" web sites. Please contact us for an estimate for the design or redesign of your web site.

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